(I'm just writing them down, they don't even need to be considered, if someone wanted any of them to happen, I could get on that and make it happen so it wouldn't be too much work for anyone else, or they could coordinate it, doesn't really matter to me

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 No one can deny it, square dancing is having troubles lately. Teen clubs are folding left and right with few new ones being formed. We can keep on trying the traditional recruiting methods, but as times change, methods need to change. I call for drastic action. Who knows if it will work? But I say, it's worth a try.

I've heard of this being done before, and I think we should give it a try.

The learning process takes weeks and weeks to learn. This is during the school year when teens are busy.

The problem with this system and our club is that we have lessons be the first thing in the evening. The current members, or would-be-angels, don't even arrive, often, till after lessons are complete. What keeps us all coming back to square dancing? For most of us, it is the social aspect of it. If we didn't like the people we were dancing with, we wouldn't come back just for a do-sa-do.

Anyways, I think the students are missing out on the huge social aspects that the club has to offer. As members, we fail to truly mingle with them during the lesson process. Sometimes we do. Sometimes not. Sometimes, we don't even know the other.

We can not grow as a club when divided like this. A lot of the lesson people do make it through lessons and then start to dance with everyone else on the mainstream level, but there still seems to be some segregation.

I propose a week or weekend in which participants can learn the entire mainstream program, the basics of square dance, during that time. It can be done. It has been done. Yes, they will not be the strongest of dancers at the end, but who is? They will be able to jump into dancing after this weekend. What is so essential to this weekend is that in spending time together, the social aspect of dance will be emphasized. Activities will also be planned, besides dancing, to show students what the square dancing community has to offer.

Members will be asked to be there as angels. Lots of angels. All over the place.

And think about it, there is no way for them to drop out in the process. It would just short weekend commitment where they will see what square dancing is. They have nothing to loose in attending other than exercise. I bet I could even get some of my friends in on it for a weekend during the summer.

Sound reasonable to anyone else?

T-Shirt Party

 Come on... who doesn't like decorating their own amazing shirts?

Well, I do. I guess I could party it up myself...

Return of the Game Night

    (we did it once, let's do it again)

I know I had a blast last time SNS had a game night. Since it was successful, I think we should put a date on the calendar.


    On a Friday @ a local curling club in Seattle, we teach them to dance, their youth teams teach us to curl, it would be done in groups of 8 signing up. it's perfect because curlers come in groups of 4, we could be low on girls for once, I'm not sure. But I have yet to see many female curlers my age. A past Chief judge at PNTSDF is a member there and we talked about it with him.


    (at Children of the Nations, Hopelink, or the Union Gospel Mission)

Mystery Caravan

This would be something the Vice-Pres and the parents would have to work out. I think it could be amusing.

Calling Workshop

 Ever wanted to give trying a call, even just for one night. This two step workshop would have nine openings for aspiring callers. During the time, they will have the opportunity to pick out a call to learn, practice it, learn what it takes to effectively keep people dancing on the floor, and perform it at the end.

Essentially it would be a fun evening for people to try out calling. We would stick to singing calls, and perhaps give sight calling a try. A lot of people have been dancing their entire lives and never tried calling before. Maybe they would call for one night and find out they like it.

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