Member of the Month


Don't know her?

You should.

Let's take a look at a conversation with one fantastic, dandy members.

Name: Anika

Age: 15

How long have you been dancing: Six years

How long with Shirts-n-Skirts: This is my third [year].

Why do you come dancing every Wednesday night: I love the people! everyone is so amazing(:

How many hours do you dance per week: It depends on the week, on average maybe 4(:

Excited for comp: Of course! it's the best thing everr(:

What events are you competing in: Calling, Round dancing, exhibition and squares

If round dancing, with whom, squares, which level: tyler carlile(: he's an amazing person! (: senior squares!!

Best parts of square dancing: The people(: i absolutely love the people.

Something you wish you could change about the club: I want there to be more people who came to club dances(:

Favourite round dance: I love that one that's all fireman...i think. im not sure wat its called, but i know how it sounds(:

Do you ever bring school friends dancing: I have before

Do your non-dancing friends know about your hobby: Some of them do

see you soon Magi! (:

Wasn't that fantastic? Sigh. Anika is such a lovely amazing person.